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Lindsay Phillips Property Care Ltd was formed in February 2012, after over 25 years working in the same industry I felt frustrated knowing that I could provide a better level of cleaning service to a customer cost effectively. I was sure that if I had operatives that were paid more, they would provide a better level of cleaning service and with a no nonsense, simple company I could keep costs down.

When I formed this company, I used my name.  My reputation is extremely important to me, therefore I will provide you with a personal service, personally overseeing the contract, working closely with members of staff to ensure the level of cleaning increases.  I am the business owner, you will have my personal mobile number and I take pride in responding to your calls or queries without any delay, your query will not get lost in a huge office full of administrators.

I knew it was vital the cleaning operatives were paid and treated well, making them feel valuable ensured they had job satisfaction, loyalty to the company and in turn they provide good attention to detail in their work and because of the continual service they know my expectations.  I guarantee I do not pay any member of cleaning staff the minimum wage.

I am not a sales person, I do not have a sales team, you will not find a huge amount of marketing online about me, I keep things simple because most of my contracts come through referrals from current customers, old customers, staff who currently work for me or who have worked with me in the past.  Keeping costs down means I can pay the cleaners more and in turn provide you with a better clean service.

I do spend company money on important issues and outsource my Accounts, Health and Safety and HR.  These companies keep me up to date with all my legal obligations, rules and regulations that is difficult to keep up with.  They keep my business professional, on the ball and totally on top of everything, they are also local small businesses and have the same ethics to me, I feel I can call them anytime for their advice on everything.

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